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Hello Moms and friends of Moms,

It's been awhile since my last blog.

I've been busy creating content and living life.

Since my last blog, we (my family) have discovered that my kid wants to be Shaun White so mama had to do what mama had to do and started homeschooling to chase the snow.

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I used to be anti-homeschool and was resistant.

I thought homeschooling created bunch of anti-social weirdo kids and I just wasn't sure about it.

After doing it for few months of growing pains, I was a changed person.

Homeschooling is not so bad.

It gives you flexibility with your schedule and you get to mold your kid's curriculum.

But it's a lot of work and time consuming, not to mention the fights.

If I had a choice, I would sent the kid back to school but we are under quarantine and it looks like this will be awhile.

And a mamas gotta do what a mamas gotta do.


Here are some resources and tips I've learned along the way.


1. Time the kid.

Tell your kid that they have certain amount of minutes to complete work and set your timer. Otherwise, this will take all day. Mine will.

2. Give the kid an incentive like screen time if they complete such and such.

Kid with an objective is so much easier to deal with than an uninspired potato sack.

3. Set expectations. I tell the kid what needs to be completed and learned for the term and have him help me get that goal accomplished.

4. Maybe your wifi could go out for few days? Amazing how my kid picked up reading after prodding him and staying in an area that had no wifi for days. Now, my kid is an avid reader. Getting your kid to read has the biggest value in education and gives mom some personal space and time.

5. One thing a day.

If your kid learns one thing a day, you are ok. Don't be hard on yourself.

I try to teach one new lesson and review something one of something he already learned, usually math related.


1. Worksheets -

Print a worksheet for the topic you are covering and give your kids a mission for 30 minutes and you get some mom time, hopefully. You can choose your kid's grade and the subject at They offer guided lessons and lesson plans but I like them best for the worksheets. is also good for worksheets and lesson plans. This is a website created by teachers where they share their lesson plans and

2. offers small live zoom classes on all subjects including personal development and even piano. I schedule early AM classes since your kid has to be out of bed for the class!

3. There are project based learning packets and plans.

Get your kid to learn all about electronics. You can order a kit on ~ a dad-runned company that teaches kids how to use a breadboard and control a led light!

There are cooking clubs for kids like and for little budding gardeners.

4. and is always good for video tutorials and if you need a brush up on what it is you have to teach your kid. 😀

5. makes math fun and explains math stuff well and they have their own youtube channel.

6. Podcasts are good and educational. I like history podcasts and play them when I have the kid trapped in the car. My favorite one is "American History Tellers". Surprising, how much history they could learn in the car! There are many kid's podcast out there. "Finn Caspian" "Storynory" for stories and "Brains On" for science etc..

but our favorite podcast is neither educational or g-rated since we love to listen to real life ghost stories on "Anything Ghost" with Lex Wahl.


I will add to this blog as I go and learn more. I'm on limited mommy time.

Moms! If you have additional resources you want to share, please write below.

~ yoMamaRice blogs, vlogs, makes things and does funny

- yoMamaRice

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