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Is Elizabeth Holmes, a KAREN Con-artist, using media to throw a Man of Color under the bus?

Updated: May 10

White woman's word vs a Brown man's. Who will be believed?

Are you hearing anything on Elizabeth Holmes’ alleged lover, Sunny Balwani’s trial? No, of course not, we know that white women always suck the air out of everything including media, and if you are Asian, you get ignored, and right now, Amber Heard, is the Karen, sucking that air. We are on a pattern in America, of white women doing crazy things, and being put on trial yet we do not know how they will be sentenced. If you remember correctly, Elizabeth Holmes, a different Karen, was caught frauding investors out of 700 million dollars for faking their blood testing machine. She is still waiting for her sentencing which I really doubt she’s going to get her due … kinda like Capitol Hill insurrectionists getting a slap.

Problematic White woman
Elizabeth Holmes

Here’s a timeline refresher - 2003 — Theranos was founded 2006 - Holmes gave a demonstration to the pharmaceutical giant Novartis in Switzerland where she knew the machine was no good. 2009 - Sunny Balwani joins Theranos Oct 16, 2015 — Wall Street Journal released an article that outed Holmes and her fake machine 2016 — Holmes lost everything, meaning the valuation of Theranos (but not really everything) 2017 — Holmes met her billionaire heir Billy Evans (aka trust fund kid) of Evans Hotel 2018 — Theranos were officially charged by US Securities and Exchange Commission. 2019 — Holmes married her trust fund boyfriend. Sep 8, 2021 — The trial began Nov 2021 – 4 days into her testimony, Holmes drops a bomb that Sunny Balwani was her “secret lover” of 12 years! who supposedly controlled and sexually abused her during her whole time with Theranos. So basically, Holmes is not responsible for what she said, her thoughts, or her actions, Balwani is, even though she was the CEO, founder, inventor, and owner; and since it’s a secret relationship, it is a white woman’s words against a brown man’s. We know this story all too well. Don’t we? Officer! Manager! Why did it take Elizabeth Holmes 6 years after the fall of Theranos to even mention this supposed abusive relationship? Why? And what proof of this relationship does she have? I have not seen not one photo of Balwani and Holmes dining, dating, looking like a couple in any sense, holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes, or even any friends or colleagues collaborating on this supposed relationship? How secret is it that you have absolutely nothing, like not even a photo on your iPhone? It was a 12-year relationship!!!!! Or is this just another lie of Ms. Holmes, the master manipulator, con-artist, and now, she has the money and power to fool you with the media as an accomplice? On-screen media reporters read a script, they have censored all the pertinent and important perspectives and information about Elizabeth Holmes and tell the perspective of Elizabeth Holmes, as if, this supposed relationship is a fact. Balwani has denied Holmes’ accusations through his lawyers and has not spoken publicly about any of this, of course, but he does not know how the system works. Vanity Fair article states, “In an attempt to counter this argument, the government released hundreds of text messages between the Theranos executives, revealing just how much their relationship blurred personal and professional lines.” Did you say “government released”? Why in the fuck would a US government give a shit about a woman’s sexual relationship? Don’t they have more important things to do with our taxpayer money? How is the government tied to this you ask?

Holmes comes from the Fleischmann's family
Elizabeth Holmes’ family yeast

The Family Divert and blame strategy. The family knows how it works. Holmes’ family is experienced in fraud and I know an apple does not fall far from the tree. The Holmes family is a descendant of Charles Louis Fleischmann who founded Fleischmann Yeast Company, you know, that yeast packet you see at all the supermarkets, and Holmes’ parents wanted to go back to the old days when they had prestige and were making bread. John Cаrreyrou, the journalist that outed Holmes in his Wall Street Journal article mentions on a podcast, “I think the pаrents very much yeаrned for the dаys of yore when the fаmily wаs one of the richest in Americа. And I think Elizаbeth chаnneled thаt аnd аt а young аge.” Let’s rewind, her dad, her mom, and her brother.

Her dad, Christian Holmes IV, worked as a public servant for various government positions, U.S. Agency for Internаtionаl Development аnd the Stаte Depаrtment then was a VP for Tenneco and ENRON. HE WAS A VP OF ENRON during the time when they were taken down for FRAUD in 2021. “Enron’s leadership fooled regulators with fake holdings and off-the-books accounting practices. Enron used special purpose vehicles (SPVs), or special purpose entities (SPEs), to hide its mountains of debt and toxic assets from investors and creditors.” That sounds familiar! Didn’t Elizabeth just do the same shit!

Her mother, Noel Holmes, who came to court every morning holding Elizabeth’s hands, is a D.C. political insider who seems obsessed with status and social climbing. She was assistant to Rep Critz, Rep John Murtha, and the House appropriations committee as assistant to John Murtha. Rep “Murtha was targeted by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington as one of the 20 most corrupt members of Congress” “The FBI videotaped Murtha responding to an offer of $50,000, with Murtha saying, “I’m not interested… at this point. [If] we do business for a while, maybe I’ll be interested, maybe I won’t,” right after Murtha had offered to provide names of businesses and banks in his district where money could be invested legally.” Looks like where you would learn how to move money around and meet a lot of government officials.

Holmes finds herself a rich white man
Elizabeth Holmes, Noel Holmes, and Billy Evans during trial

Christian Holmes, Elizabeth’s brother, who also “worked” for Theranos is not even being scrutinized. He seems like a loser that was afforded (77K/year) education at Duke University and hired his beer buddies to get in on the Therano$ action. Christian sent emails to Elizabeth saying “It’s obvious we have problems with calcium, potassium, and sodium… obviously, I can’t tell them we are wrong”, regarding the Theranos machine. According to their neighbor, Richard Fuisz, an inventor, Noel groomed Elizabeth since her childhood to be like him, and Elizabeth was obsessed with Steve Jobs. She wanted to be an inventor, like Jobs and Fuisz except she didn’t actually put in the work and finish school but just did the shallow things, you know, like wearing a turtle neck and dropping her voice register. She just wanted to look and act like one. Holmes was really good at manipulating millions of dollars out of people. She still is. She knew high pitched female voice is not going to earn the kind of respect you need to fool people to give you money, just like she knew a big pregnant belly, and long blond hair would garner more sympathy for her trial, and she knows her words will be believed over a brown man’s, especially one accused of rape. Why? Because, the unspoken rule of AmeriKKKa is that a non-white man is not allowed to fuck a white woman, let alone rape! Cause we all know white women who point their fingers at a brown man of rape are always right, are innocent, purity violated by a dirty, unworthy not human brown man. White women don’t do anything wrong and if they do, it’s only by accident.

Holmes frolicking after scamming people
Elizabeth Holmes smiling and strolling 3 days after her conviction

Holmes’ family seems to know public manipulation and image very well. Dad is MIA in the public sphere because we don’t want to connect Holmes to VP Enron corruption that seems very similar to her own. Brother, MIA, because we don’t want him implicated. After all, he worked there and he is blood family. However, a white mom, with her virtue, holding her pregnant daughter’s helpless hand every day to court, you know… that is one for the heartstrings, a very obviously conscious choice, like mother like daughter. Elizabeth learned it somewhere. I have to say though, Holmes has a great marketing team. Just last year, when I was researching Holmes and her family on Wikipedia, it had two links to a very small bio, one of her mom and one of her dad. Well, today, I went on to look for them, and guess what it’s missing? Both pages. Holmes’ family has had it removed. Do you know how hard it is to edit and remove any information on Wikipedia? Wikipedia also states that Elizabeth Holmes is an “American Entrepreneur.” Is she really? I could think of many names and that is not one of them. A whole section that describes her “secret” relationship with Balwani as if it’s a fact. And, all speckled through the American media and papers that Holmes and Balwani had a romantic, abusive relationship. On Balwani’s wiki page, it states, “Balwani was portrayed by Naveen Andrews in the 2022 miniseries The Dropout, which documented his relationship with Holmes and his role within Theranos.” Really, does the creator of this show, Elizabeth Meriwether, know something that we all don’t? Was she there? Can we get her on the stand?

Holmes at her house arrest
Elizabeth Holmes’ 135 Million dollar home

I could picture it. Holmes, and her mother, father, and a team of PR agents purchased by her brainwashed husband, sitting on their luxurious couch, over a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon, sunlight shining through the draped curtain, “How are we going to get out of this and save face for the family?” Blame it on the brown man! Because we know, as all Karens know, blame it on the brown man and Karen will be absolved. Divert. Blame. Feign helplessness and innocence. Silence. The family gets away. Power always wins. Connection wins. White wins. Money wins.

POC are used to being fucked over and white women get away with it. Police are called for colored folks BBQing, walking, living, breathing … Con-artist, Elizabeth Holmes, understands the biases of the American white audience and old, rich white men and she is probably doing the biggest con of her life right now, using your own prejudice to throw a brown man under the bus so she could be the victim.

Moreover, I am going to state the most obvious thing to a POC, I seriously doubt that white, elitist parents that were so concerned with heritage and the old times would have allowed their one white daughter to be with a brown man. If Balwani truly was in a relationship with Holmes for 12 years! then I want to see the many texts, voicemail of her mom saying, ‘WTF are you going with a brown man bringing him to our family Thanksgiving dinner? You are disgracing our family.’ Then maybe, just maybe, I will believe this obvious bullshit that most Americans are willing to accept. Elizabeth Holmes and her family look like they got what they wanted. Hello, William Holmes Evans… heir to Evans fortune.

Holmes' husband and lack of accountability for white women
Billy Evans and William Holmes Evans, heir to Evans fortune

And if I were Sunny Balwani, I would have used my budget for a PR company over lawyers because this is not going to be good for him. #ElizabethHolmes #Karens #Karen #AmberHeard #systemicracism #racisminmedia #media #america #trial #Holmes #Balwani #SunnyBalwani #RameshBalwani #race #racism #Theranos #billyevans #evanshotel #whitefeminist #capitalism #power #timesup #BLM

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