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Thanks for Giving! cause I be Takin’ ~ A PRAYER

Don't give me shit about this poem. I actually know this person. Don't we all?


Thank you God

For watching over me and my family.

For my new president!

God, we have a mutual understanding,

you and me Wink, wink

You scratch my back and I will believe in you, regardless.

You are lord.

You take care of me.

As long as my family is okay, we good.

As long as I’m okay, we good.  

Do not test me and keep my life as is or better but not worse!

Take care of

my family,

my home,

my dog,

my life,

my fish

and me.

All them women and kids getting killed in the middle-east.

So what?!

if they are dying, starving and homeless.

I feel bad but -I

don’t’ want them as my neighbors.

I don’t want to share!

This is my country.

Keep them out!

And God, get rid of the people that don’t’ belong here.


You know, all the ones that are not of European descent.

They are heathens!

All of them!They bring down my quality of life.

Take my jobs,

my home,

my men/women!

I’ve already sacrificed enough.

They don’t’ believe in you, lord.

They deserve their suffering.

They probably did something wrong in their life.

They are just getting what they deserve.

Why should I extend myself and take a hit?

Me or my family suffer for them?

They were born in the wrong place.

They are not my family.

So not my problem.

Keep them out so they don’t screw up what little

I have.

I don’t get my vacations as I used to.

I can’t afford the presents

I want to get for my kids and my family.

My life is hard now.

I had to cut back my visits to the hair salon.

Paying my bills been hard.

 Life is hard.

Sometimes I have to skip my visit to my yogurt store.


We both know, those brown people, yellow people…

Are not the same quality as me, my family and my friends.

They are savages.

And I can’t live amongst them.I believe in you and I thank you!

I believe you will make it all good for me.

And lastly,

Thank you for this beautiful bird singing in front of me.

Amen - yoMamaRice  11.22.2016

writings of Judy Jean Kwon aka YoMamaRice


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