What is a “Karen”? Or should we call her “Daisy”?

Updated: Sep 26

by Judy Jean Kwon

I feel I need to explain what a "Karen" is because some folks seem confused.

So without beating around the bush, I will dive straight into it.

A Karen is a racist white woman that uses her societal power and privilege to put others in their place. (They are not afraid to manipulate and call the authorities on you because they know they will get away and get you in trouble.)

  • Disclaimer: A Karen doesn’t have to be white. Karens come in all colors of entitlement. Just because you are a white woman, it doesn’t make you a Karen or entitled. Did I have to explain that? Perhaps.

Some traits of a Karen from my experience.

1. They are used to getting things their way.

2. “It’s not about you” is a phrase that will set them off.

3. Not giving them what they want makes them feel like a victim, no matter how ridiculous their demands might be.

4. They will put on the tears and put up an act, lie and manipulate.

5. They can’t think outside of themselves to see from another’s perspective.

6. Karen is a narcissist. (Entitlement is a doorway to narcissism.)

7. Karen chooses luxury and comforts. Their idea of hard work is in directing others how to do their job.

8. Getting ahead in society and how they appear is at the forefront of their life's goals.

9. They care a lot about what other people think and will put up a false pretense.

10. It is all about them in their world; and ‘how dare you’ for not letting it be so.

11. Karens will group together to support and validate each other’s bad behavior.

12. Karen takes.

13. Karen is a racist even if Karen doesn't think so or say it. She is it.

14. They will run to the closest white man and bat their eyes and act helpless, cry to garner sympathy so the white man can do their bidding.

A lot of my Karen experience has been with those with means and instead of calling her “Karen”, I should name her “Daisy”.

You know Daisy from “The Great Gatsby” - a woman of no substance where her goal in life was party, comforts and a fantasy desires of a white men.

Basically, life is built around her. If the world is run by white men then it is their elite women that stand on a higher pedestal than the white man.

She wields power with all the luxuries of goop. She is out of touch with reality and has no qualms about walking past a homeless human on her way to her boutique designer shopping, out of touch with reality and a kind of insanity.

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