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Woke at Last!

WTF is woke?! Were you blind before?


Humanity over Hate

Tolerance over Judgement

Time over Trending

Kindness over Greed

Depth over Dazzle

'Tis the Holiday Season... a time of reflection.

and what a year or 2 it has been!

What lessons we were taught and what more we have to look forward to?

As that face you thought you knew changes

with the shadows and a spark of light.

Sudden Woke! like a flash.

A friend or foe? Woke. Woke at last. Just is life... Growth is a gift.

Gift towards content towards being a rod rooted deep in the ocean

as lives around swishes & whoshes

trying to shake you off your foundation. but ah ha! your ass just got stronger!

like a rainfall gliding over oiled skin

enjoy the raindrops pitter patter

as you dance in the rain, bitches!

writings of Judy Jean Kwon aka YoMamaRice

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