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Can you spot a Narcissist?

Updated: May 26, 2020

America, we have a problem and it's Narcissism. It is destroying our country and the world. I feel this problem is more wide spread and have been a problem in our country for a long long time. And we reward narcissism in our country, why?

Media, making it out to be sexy? Now with Trump being a prime example of a Narcissist, it is hard to ignore and shut our eyes to it. We, America, are leaving a legacy to clean-up for many generations to come. Entitled Narcissism creates MONSTERS! Here's are 10 traits of a Narcissist.

I will say I am an expert in this category, I grew up with one and seem to run into them constantly here in LA.

Words of Wisdom from yoMamaRice. Not all of us had parents who taught us how to live life. My parents couldn't or didn't... I share with you some wisdoms I've learned the hard way in hopes that you can have an easier path.


1. Narcissist are created in an environment that spoils the child. Mostly likely the narcissist has grown up spoiled. You heard of spoiled rotten? If the person was cuddled and made to feel entitled, that is enough grounds to create a narcissist. FYI, you don't have to have rich parents to be spoiled.

2. The narcissist had a traumatic childhood experience that they hold onto and they constantly feel like the victim even when they are the cause of terror. We all have trauma and hardships but to a Narcissist, it is unimaginable because it is only about them.

3. Narcissist will only pretend to listen to you. Narcissist will always have their own inner dialogue going that will twist what you are saying in their mind. They will never hear what you are truly telling them.

4. Narcissist will never ever never never take responsibility for their actions. Never. They will always blame someone or something else. It's never their fault even when it is.

5. They lie to themselves so much that they don’t even know the truth anymore.

They have the inability to be self-critical.

Somehow, I find that their self-confidence is delicate and their identity is tied to being the center of attention and popular.

They out of touch with reality (outside world) because the only reality they know is in themselves.

They have the inability to look at the picture in whole.

It's not about the truth but what makes them win.

They will put on the tears, manipulate, charm, song and dance and put on a show to convince you of their lies.

They also believe in their own lies. Is it a lie if you believe your own lies?

6. Narcissist will never sacrifice their own happiness.

It is always about them and what they could get.

Their life will ALWAYS be more important then anyone else's even their own kid...

They are really not capable of love for others.


Even when a Narcissist is being generous, it is because they have something to gain. It will always go back to them. Take a closer look because you will see how it goes right back to them. They manipulate. Narcissist will lie to you and manipulate the truth to favor themselves.

8. One attracts another. When you spot one narcissist - the person is most likely surrounded by another if they have friends. "If" is a big factor here and they will be feeding DRAMA!

9. Narcissist seems to be married to Entitlement. For some reason, all Narcissist I know have a sense of entitlement like they are entitled to more than their share... like earth and life was created for them.

Rules apply to everyone else but not themselves like they should be held above the law, above human-kind because they are special.


The world revolves around a Narcissist and you as a normal human being with empathize and will give a Narcissist more credit than they should.

You will make excuses for them like “they will change", “they will see the light”, "they didn't mean that" or “they will do the right thing at the end”.

This is your own delusional fantasy that you think they are capable of caring for anyone else other them themselves.

If you are in a relationship with a Narcissist, I would highly recommend

GET OUT! now.

You will loose. You will always loose with a Narcissist.

There is no winning with a Narcissist.

They will never ever ever ever change!

They will give you that puppy eye, take advantage of your kindness and will go right back to who they really are as soon as they know they have you under their manipulation.

And for those of us with a Narcissist family member or friend you can't rid of.

I'm sorry... I know it's tough.

The best thing you can do at that point is to set up boundaries and stand firm because you will always be taken advantage of and left empty no matter what.

Just minimize the damage by creating boundaries and limiting your time.

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