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Tips for your Kauai trip (and be economical)

Updated: May 10

by yoMamaRice

Layman's unspoken or untold rules of Kauai and tips to save money.

  1. Bridge. Stop before you cross a bridge if you see oncoming traffic. There are no traffic lights and it's a one road bridge. It's polite and standard to let a half a dozen cross over from the other side before you proceed. Don't act like an ass and sneak in when you should let the other side go.

2. Coconut Tree. Don't stand under a coconut tree especially ones with coconuts hanging! They will fall on your head and people have died from it. Also to watch out for are Albizia trees. They can fall on your head and kill you. They are called "Widow Makers" for a reason.

3. Aloha. Everyone is sweet here and not spoiled by the jaded city lifestyle. Don't be aggro and chill the f- out.

Albezia Trees are invasive and dangerous

4. You know what else can kill you.? Acting stupid and thinking Mother Nature is Disneyland. Always be cautious and watch nature ie... waves etc. like don't be crossing a stream thinking it's safe because things could change on a drop of a dime. Don't be jumping into "Queen's bath" thinking it's a bathtub. Waves could come and take you out to sea. Adios.

Queen's bath where people get swept out if they are not aware

5. Look up. There is always a rainbow to catch.

6. Costco. It's where all the locals go. Once you go into a tourist area and outside of Lihue, you can be stuck paying as much for groceries as if you went to eat at a 4-star restaurant. Costco is conveniently located right outside the airport. After you get your rental car, you can roll up to Costco in Lihue and actually save money by buying big bulks of your necessities like bread, butter, ice cooler, sunscreen and rice! If you want to get fancy, get yourself a grill or hibachi. You can make bonfires and grill on the beach. Yes, I know!

7. There is one of everything. Costco, Walmart, Macy's, Home Depot Target. Sikes! There is no Target, yet but wait, we do have 3 Ace hardware stores!

8. Markets have prepared food sections with poki, prepared lunches, fried chicken, potato salads, musubis etc... Put those in your ice cooler for your all-day beach time and don't forget your fancy hibachi. You can also dig a hole in the sand and gather some wood, make yourself a fire pit. Yes, that is legal here. Welcome to Kauai, biatches.

9. Nae naes. Nae naes are Hawaii state birds and they are endangered. They actually came from Canada long ago and they look just like Canadian geese. Do not feed, go near or even look at them. Just kidding, you can look but that's it. Also, endangered are sea turtles. Do not go petting them when they swim by you in the ocean.

Nae Nae bird

10. Chickens. They are everywhere. During hurricane Anini, things went flying and so did the chickens. They got out of their cages and when they did, they got busy. They went on a mating spree and reproducing! They are everywhere and they are beautiful but you can't really eat them. From what I've been told, they don't have enough meat and it's not worth the time.

11. Scrapes in the ocean. If you scrape yourself while you are anywhere out on the beach, streams or jungles, make sure to pour rubbing alcohol all over it. Many reefs and items have live cultures on them and they are live! You gotta kill those small animals or you will get infected.

12. "Flip Flops" are called "Slippers".

13. "How's it?" means "How are you?"

14. Check out the local farmer's markets and try new things. There are many fruits and vegetables you never knew existed or knew could taste this gooood. Have you ever tried an abiu, soursop, egg fruit? It's for me to have tried and you to figure out.

15. Go beyond the regular tourist stuff and explore the culture of Kauai. It is distinctively unique, diverse and American. Get off the resorts and check out locals. Get a poi from the streets and fruit from the fruit stands... Not gonna list them. Just open your eyes, lazy.

16. Check out the gardens and go on hikes. Limahuli Gardens has native plants and a view to die for. This island is called a garden isle for a reason and the island has the ability to heal one's soul. Explore the beauty of nature that is abundant here.You didn't fly all the way here to sit in a resort and look at the same faces you do at home. This is not Club Med.

Have a good time in Hawaii.

Don't act selfish, respect and leave your aggro mainland self behind, please.

Don't forget that Hawaii has its own beautiful traditions that was demonized and stepped on by the colonizers as they raped their resources.

Respect and bring an offering to the owners of the land and not the opposite.

Don't act like a Karen.


If I think of more stuff, I will add to this list as I go.

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