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Making cold-process SOAP

May 7, 2020

We are in quarantine and I'm starting to appreciate the quiet in life.

All of us, worked our asses off, hoping for a nice, quiet retirement but all that has been upended overnight from an incompetent government and the pandemic.

What did we work so hard all our lives for?

For this? It could all be gone in a blow of a breath.

Don't make plans for the future that will take away from your happiness today because that future and your plans might turn to dust and all you have are your memories.

I'm tired of the rat race, corporate abuse, and the tailored city life.

So I decided to pursue homesteading.

I always had a penchant for it but could not put my finger on it.

I want to be able to make anything out of nothing.

I want to be able to make the basic necessities we need to live life

such as soap, shampoo, sourdough, kimchi... the possibilities are endless.

like MacGyver in the kitchen, garden and create shit!

My first thing was soap.

I've been YouTube stalking, googling, and dreaming about it, for probably years, and finally, I mustered up my courage to make it. Apparently, it's dangerous because of the lye.

Well, I made it! and now I'm hooked. It was sooooo fun.

Lye is dangerous so put on protectant goggles and gloves and be mindful of your lye and solution at all times.

Once your fear of lye dissipates, you can have fun!

You need hard oils, essential oils, and whatever you want to experiment with like petals, seeds, dried leaves, salt...

Use a lye calculator. There are websites such as where you can make your soap recipes. You add your oils and get the right amount to make the kind of soap you want then use a fragrance calculator to calculate the amount of essential oils needed.

Wait 24-48 hours before cutting the bar.

Wait another month before using. Place each soap bar on a thing and leave space in between bars for air to flow ... in a dry, dark place.

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