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Making a Flower Crown

I made a hippy flower crown with my kid!

Creating with your kid is soothing to the soul when they are not giving you a heart attack! Spend bonding time, make some cool creative things and teach them a thing or two about life as you know it.


How to make a hippy flower Crown?


found wild flowers, sage, greens



wire cutter


wild flowers

wild sage or greens

wire and string

wire cutters

STEPS to make memories...

1. Measure your head and make a circle with wire.

measure wire & make circle

2. Twist and add twigs, found flowers, sage onto said wire with string.

3. Tell stories of back in the days when you were young... how hard you had it.

my kid's crown

4. Wala! You got yourself a crown!

my crown

by yoMamaRice

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