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Positivity is Bullshit-in

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Are you bull-shittin' yourself with positive thinking?

Words of Wisdom from yoMamaRice. Not all of us had parents who taught us how to live life. My parents couldn't or didn't... I share with you some wisdoms I've learned the hard way in hopes that you can have an easier path.



I have a major issue with this “positive” fad that is going on in our society right now. Do they really think that being positive will stop the tsunami from taking them out? Cause I would really love to see that.

I want them standing in the middle of a tsunami zone and their positivity will stop the giant wave right above their heads as the rest of us “not positive” people get washed out. Then I could be like - “You were right!”

Today, in our society, it's all about being positive! God forbid, if you were down and negative, it's a sin. You best put on a happy face and pretend the world is made of roses.

“Call me Asian because I am, but I believe in karma and destiny. Your life was already set out before you were born. All your positive thinking and willing isn't changing your path. ”

Yes, it is nice to be around happy people but have you been around a fake positive person?

Have you ever met someone that only talks positive and never has a bad day? They refuse to acknowledge anything negative around them, even reality?

I don’t trust these people and it is annoying as hell and disingenuous. To me, these fake positive types feels like a thousand ants crawling up and down my back.

You can't talk about anything real with a person like this because most likely they just don't give a shit about anyone but their own self-interest and will just walk away from real talk.

God forbid, a bit of reality just got on you.

Because it really comes down to self-protection, self-care, all about yourself, doesn't it? It's all about I take care of myself and will only focus on a limited amount of life experience by what is best serving me.

Why do I get the hibbie jibbies when I think that? Is this selfishness? Do you live on the planet by yourself? and deluding oneself to not see the dark?

I truly feel that the 'positivity' in today's society is really a substitute for self-interest and CONTROL. Does thinking positive make you feel like you could control a situation and the outcome of your life?

Call me Asian because I am, but I believe in karma and destiny. Your life was already set out before you were born. All your positive thinking and willing isn't changing your path.

I feel the positive thinkers are limiting their life experiences by only allowing in what they view as “positive” in their lives and in doing so, they are throwing the baby out with the dish water because a view is all subjective, isn't it?

Life is full of diverse emotions and experiences and not all good experiences are positive. Not all bad experiences are negative. It's how you perceive it.

The only control you have in life is how you react to your experiences.

The biggest lessons I have learned came from ‘negative’ experiences.

Negative experiences makes you look inward and see life for what it is and make you understand yourself in a deeper level and grow as a human and spiritual being, hard and beautiful at the same time, just like life. It's human nature that we appreciate all things we worked hard for and rightfully earned.

Not all good experiences are positive. Take for example, there is someone that has only had 'positive' experiences in life, no trials, tribulations, heart aches, loss and always safe and protected. This someone had a cush life sheltered, safe, provided with abundance of security but live in a cage.

Is that why are there so many rich kids that are addicted to maybe drugs, gambling and/or sex?

So maybe 'positive' experiences does not give you happiness?

I’ve seen positive thinking used more as a safety mechanism, a self-delusion to not face reality, humanity and with a desperate need to control life to keep them from experiencing normal human emotions because life can be messy sometimes and not always pleasant.

using spirituality and creationism to be self serving

The other types of “positive” thinkers…  (i.e. “The Secret”) and 'creationists'.

This type of positive thinkers are really using positive thinking to fulfill greed - to make lot’s of money and financial prosperity or so they think. There are group of people that think that by thinking positive and creating abundance in their mind that they will become rich and successful in finance. Yes you know them .

They are not doing the positive thinking to be zen or to be enlightened but to have more cash in the bank.These types are just opportunists and truly self-interested.

It's like driving a Tesla by a homeless encampment and not feeling anything but disgust for the homeless or walking by a homeless kid and woman in your $800 sneakers made to look like it's worn-in and thinking the homeless just didn't work hard enough. As long as you're thinking positive, this would never happen to you.

It's nice to have blinders on. Makes life easier to deal with.

Are you so afraid to live life, that you need a positivity delusion? Life is not just all roses, you know?

“Positive thinking” is an end result. Positive attitude is earned from strength learned from tribulations, not just a choice you make straight out of a bat.

Personally, I go thorough all the uncomfortable stages - anger, resentment, self-doubt, ponder, self-analysis, strength, resolve... then positive thought. And the more I go through these trials, the stronger and quicker it is for me to get to the end result of positive thought.

Positive thought is really a result of knowing who you are, self-contentment, gratitude for having known the dark and coming out of the other side and appreciating life for all it's colors.

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