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Protecting your Extreme Sport's child?

Updated: May 9

From Head to Toe: Ensuring Your Child's Safety with Proper Protective Gear and what I use to keep My Kid in one piece in the Halfpipe.

Parenting a child who's involved in extreme sports can be an exhilarating yet a nerve-wracking experience. As they dive into adrenaline-pumping activities like mountain biking, skateboarding, or halfpipe snowboarding, like my kid, our hearts often find themselves in a perpetual race against time. While we celebrate their passion for adventure and the skills they hone, we want to keep them safe and make sure they stay in one piece. As a parent, I dedicated considerable time to thorough research to guarantee my child's safety, meticulously outfitting them with protective pads, helmets, and wrist guards from head to toe. Without further ado, here are my recommended protection gears I put on my kid and why I chose them.


Wristguards need to be given more attention.

The first thing anyone does when they fall is to catch themselves so it's important to wear a wristguard at all times. I know many athletes skip this important protective gear, especially in snowboarding but I highly suggest wearing one. The wrists, with their intricate network of bones, ligaments, and tendons, are remarkably delicate structures susceptible to injury from even minor strains or impacts.

I recommend the Flexmeter wrist guard. Designed by seasoned medical professionals, physicians, engineers, and trauma specialists, it's comfortable and can be used in both skateboarding and snowboarding.

The Flexmeter Wrist Guard is shaped to fit the wrist naturally, allowing easy movement while providing protection. Unlike many other guards, it's not too stiff or short, ensuring full coverage and better safety for wrists. The Flexmeter Wrist Guard's flexibility prevents additional injuries by bending with the impact, sparing your child from breaks caused by rigid guards during falls.

It also has a palm skid plate, the Flexmeter Wrist Guard offers versatility for skateboarding, and it can be removed for snowboarding or to accommodate mittens while still wearing the guard. With this important accessory, parents can rest assured that their children are equipped with the necessary support to embrace a fall while minimizing the risks associated with extreme sports.

Protecting your kid's brain.

The most crucial protection is a helmet and I don't think I need to explain why. I highly recommend Giro for its lightweight design. For those doing freestyle tricks and going upside down, lightweight helmets are essential and athletes can confidently perform flips and tricks without the burden of heavy headgear.

Giro's Ledge MIPS Helmet comes at a great price and gets the job done. For any Asian athlete like my kid, Giro also offers an Asian Fit option designed to snugly fit our head shape. You can also adjust the fit, and stay cool and fog-free with removable ear pads and a goggle retainer.

Also, Giro Ledge Helmets are built tough yet affordable and have MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) with sturdy outer shells with EPS foam which in layman's terms means that it has a lot of protection!

Most importantly, I make sure to replace the Helmut annually as a precaution. Despite its seemingly intact condition, I prefer not to take chances, especially considering the possibility of unseen damage from falls during the year's training. Ensuring top-notch head protection is non-negotiable, even for minor incidents.

Pads, pads, and pads for the butt, body, knees.

I make sure my kid is fully protected, from head to toe, including his butt, knees, and upper body torso. For the upper body and knees protection, I rely on Demon Flexforce X V4 D30 Men's Tops and Demon United Syper Knee X V4 knee pads. Demon originally started for motorcycle protection and branched off to snowboarding and other extreme sports.

And for the butt, I trust Tortoise pads, crafted with skateboarders in mind that fall on hard concrete and have also expanded into snowboarding. They are customizable, last a long time and Keith is a father who designed the butt pads to protect his skateboarder kid and started this family-run business!

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Using my Amazon link will help support our US Olympics journey! Please leave comments below for any questions and/or comments.

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