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I am a creative and a mom. I don't like to be put in a box. I am fluid...

I am a daughter of a Korean immigrant father & a Korean-American US soldier mom.

I was raised by my Grandma - an illegal immigrant. I was born in LA, grew up in Seoul, Korea and the barrios of K-Town, USA. 

I see things universally and do not follow any packs. I fight for the unheard, unnoticed and the others.


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Do you have crabby friends?

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Do you ever feel like some of your friends are don't have your best interest at heart? It's probably because they don't.

Words of Wisdom from yoMamaRice. Not all of us had parents who taught us how to live life. My parents couldn't or didn't... I share with you some wisdoms I've learned the hard way in hopes that you can have an easier path.

Nothing like giving a go with your dreams to find out who your true friends are… I’ve had some giant disappointments and some pleasant surprises with friends on who came through with support vs a slap down. Batting average, I would say the first has been winning but when a light of support comes through, its like a drink from a magical goblet of rebirth'ed...

But one can't help thinking only if people you considered your friends acted like a friend. On my way home from screening at my last film festival - IFS Film Festival, my Uber driver told me a wise thing like a moral of message from the gods.

He said “Do you know about the crabs in a bucket?"

Say what?

He told me his mom gave him word of motherly advice when he was young. She put a bunch of crabs in a bucket and told him to take a look. When one crab gets to the top and tries to crawl out, the other crabs will hold onto him and drag him back down into the bucket. She said that was how folk are.

“If I can't have it, you cant have it, either.”

If the crabs helped each other, most of them could probably get out of the bucket but instead they will all collectively die because they don’t want to see just one of them finding success in getting out of the bucket safe.

“She put a bunch of crabs in a bucket and told him to take a look. When one crab gets to the top and tries to crawl out, the other crabs will hold onto him and drag him back down into the bucket.”

I googled this and this a real thing. Its called the crab effect.

This is exactly what I have been experiencing… I’ve had friends who don’t want to extend help because they want to keep you in your place or its too much trouble or they have nothing to gain, so LA and sooo Hollywood.

On the flip side, I had pleasant surprises of few of my friends and mostly people that was not even my friends that have over-extended themselves to show their support and extend help.

Uber driver said those are the people you keep and the crabs, you let them go. Hallelujah! and I'm not even religious.

Well, I say put those crabs in soy sauce. Really. It's a Korean dish - Ganjang - Gejang. My Grandma’s favorite dish and mine as well!You put raw crabs in soy sauce and marinate it. Like poke in soy. Yes, it’s raw! And so delish!

Do you remember the scene in "The Castaway” with Tom Hanks where Hanks’ character is starving and all he sees is a crab. He tries to eat it raw and you guys were like - gross! and I was like yum.

Don't knock it til you try it, or you could just stick to your boring burger and pizza.This dish is best served with hot steaming rice.Give it a try!

Here’s a link to a recipe if you want to try and make it. My favorite online Korean recipe site - Maangchihttps://www.maangchi.com/recipe/ganjang-gejang/comment-page-1https://youtu.be/c8euGxGY32I

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