About Me

I am a creative and a mom. I don't like to be put in a box. I am fluid...

I am a daughter of a Korean immigrant father & a Korean-American US soldier mom.

I was raised by my Grandma - an illegal immigrant. I was born in LA, grew up in Seoul, Korea and the barrios of K-Town, USA. 

I see things universally and do not follow any packs. I fight for the unheard, unnoticed and the others.


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                                     Keeping it Realz...

I'm a mama and I love Rice. 

I am a comedian, creative and a mom. 

*creative = actress, comedian, writer,  photographer, artist…

I learned most about life, people and myself by creating 

and by being a 


I create!


And I wear PTSD like a second skin. 

You guys all probably have it now with Trump in office the last 3 years. 

Well, that’s been my entire life. 

During my childhood, 

I was like Sisyphus pushing that rock up 

only to have my dad kick it back down when I got to the top 

And adulthood,

I decided I was going into Hollywood… how healing is that? COL!

(That’s short for Cry Out Loud)


I’m just going to assume you had talk therapy, blah blah 

and have had many 

stages of enlightenment like me.

and are able to see things from a bigger perspective. 

Hopefully … not too clouded by your own ego. 


So what if you know all this shit about yourself

when you keep making the same damn mistakes?


I am now on a journey of implementing and changing…

Knowing is one thing and Doing is a whole other.  

Doing is sooooo much harder. 


My life coach (voice in my head) told me to connect with you,

humankind (maybe)

and share my experiences. 

Find a tribe.

So I could learn to be

positive = not call people out on their bullshit (my issue). Barf.

Follow me on my journey of 

figuring out how to live life and stop fucking up. 

Do the Do. Create to Heal. Deal with PTSD...

and finally push that rock over the God Damn mountain! 

I am envisioning it. 

Where's my vision board?

(Cuz really, I’m tired of talking heads and panels (especially in Hollywood. )

Instead of getting mad on social media,

I decided to create ~

Donald the Beaver Builds a Big Beautiful Wall!

go to "Kids" for more... and to purchase your hard copy

How this all started...

with Creating my own TV comedy.

The creative process of making this film was a journey where I learned a lot about myself, communicating with people and feeling creatively fulfilled.

click me for trailer 


~ comedy about crazy-ass moms in gentrifying Venice beach

Recover from PTSD by creating. 

Creating = Healing

Creating = Connecting 

Creating is Life

Creating gives you a purpose...

See some of my creations &

Meet the creative people I met on my journey of life who shares their creations with you. 

coming soon...


Words of Wisdom


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