War is easy compared to the solitary silence after.
My life has been a battle before I was even born.

Only thing that has always helped get out of my funk is creating and making things. 

Follow me explore tools for Stress, Anxiety and PTSD... as I engage with creative folks and healers. 

produced, created, hosted by      ~  Judy Jean Kwon

camera                                             ~  Kyle Shaddeau

edited by                                          ~  Kyle Shaddeau

                                                          &  Judy Jean Kwon

music by                                           ~  Zebulon Krohl

About Me

I am a creative and a mom. I don't like to be put in a box. I am fluid...

I am a daughter of a Korean immigrant father & a Korean-American US soldier mom.

I was raised by my Grandma - an illegal immigrant. I was born in LA, grew up in Seoul, Korea and the barrios of K-Town, USA. 

I see things universally and do not follow any packs. I fight for the unheard, unnoticed and the others.


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