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I'm getting the fuck out!

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

by Judy Jean Kwon

I'm moving to Kauai to build my off-the-grid farm

and live self-sustainably with minimal carbon footprint

and get in touch with my pono, bitches.

I'm going to the best place on earth - Kauai -

where I am not treated like an outsider

but you are. (You - meaning if you are White reading this)

You are a haole and I'm not. lol.

In short visuals -

I'm going to be doing this - farming -

on this topical island - this -

trying to build this

but probably gonna get this -

arriving looking like this -

and end up looking like this -

Where I could build deep meaningful relationships

with people that do not have self-serving interests?


and I'll take it!!!!

I dunno what the fuck I'm doing on a farm.

I'm a city girl.

First time, I saw sheep, I was like, is this goat?

I was afraid of nature and the silence.

Scared the crap out of me.

But now, I'm going to go feed chickens, plant roots and breathe!

I'm going to work on my PTSD, anxiety and grow vegetables.

Who knows, maybe I'll make tropical soap?

Did someone say soap? here's my soap porn. Again. Sooo proud of it.

My partner and I already have experience with construction.

Now, we are going to build a farm that is off-the-grid

in the North Shore of Kauai on what used to be taro fields

on a budget.

I have been doing research on off-the-grid etc...

It will be a tricky venture but it will be an adventure for sure.

If you want to follow my journey go ahead -

I will continue telling stories about my past.

I am frank. There's no glitter here.

Just reality.

On my bucket list is to write an auto-biography but I might be doing it here,

one memory at a time. I hope it doesn't pain you too much.

But I am no longer binding myself to this location called Hollywood.

I am a giant circle trying fit into tiny box.

It has been an anvil, holding me back.

Don't worry. I will continue telling stories and amplifying

voices of the ignored. That is my mission in life.

I've never been supported by Hollywood so no need to be there.

World is a big place, China, Korea, Mongolia...?

I always wanted to visit Mongolia.

Wander if it's anything like Nepal?

I love third world countries.

So I'm gonna take care of myself and live my dream.

Cause we could all DIE!

My road was always a spiritual one

and telling stories is an obligation and a purge for me.

I am a visionaire, I hear stuff and I see things on a low fi

and no I'm not hallucinating.

Thanks to homeschooling! and Corona reality check!

I'm getting the hell out!

Most importantly, fuck goop.

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